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Monday, January 03, 2005


My fiance bought me an Xbox for Christmas. The last video game system I owned was the Nintendo Entertainment System, circa the late 1980's. Included with the Xbox was EA Sports NCAA Football 2005. For the record, I am horrible at any football video game made after the excellent Tecmo Super Bowl, quite literally the best football video game ever. A 7-year old cousin of mine regularly crushed me in Madden 1999, even when I was Brett Favre's Packers and he was the Bungles of old. Truly pathetic.

So I tried my hand this weekend with NCAA 2005. Naturally, I took the field as the Terrapins, and started the 2004 Maryland football schedule. Through three games, I am 0-3 with sorry, no-account losses to Northern Illinois, Temple, and West Virginia (argh!!) and have scored a total of seven points. Not surprisingly, however, MD QB Joe Statham is just as worthless behind the center with me at the controls as he is in real life.


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