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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Enough Already!!

All signs point to another harsh winter here in the Midwest. Often experts tell us these cold months are some of the most depressing of the year. When I first moved to Chicago, I used to go to bars during the winter months and ask people what there is to do out here in the winter time. Being the kind of person who reads adventure books and who has a strange interest in polar endurance memoirs, I guess I hoped to hear a little bit about cross country skiing, ice fishing, or snowshoeing. Instead, my interviewee would look into his or her glass of beer, then at me, and without fail, say, "You're looking at it."

No, wintertime in the Chicago does not leave much for the city folk to do. Accordingly, I am looking forward to spring already. Without anything exciting to do, what's the point? I have experienced negative temperatures quite often enough already this winter that the novelty has worn off early. The puffy coat, scarf, and long underwear are better kept in the closet than on my body. Unfortunately, it has only been winter for seven days. Sigh. (Wait, is that a symptom of winter depression already??!)

Here's hoping for an early spring!Posted by Hello


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