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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami Relief

I have always wondered what fundamentally motivates a man to help a complete stranger in need. Regardless, the tsunami stories from Asia, India, and Africa are so heart rending that we MUST do what we can to help. Even the President has asked each of us to help:

Bush pledged a multifaceted response from the United States that goes far beyond the $35 million initially pledged, including U.S. military manpower and damage surveillance teams in the short term and long-term rebuilding assistance. He also called on Americans to private donate cash to relief organizations to augment the response.

Please donate to your favorite relief charity. You can also follow links here and here (where donations have exceeded $2 million today alone). The web is an incredible resource in this situation. Your charitable options are virtually unlimited, so no excuses! Help those who need it most!


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