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Saturday, January 01, 2005

The World According to the New York Times

As a photoblogger, I am always interesting in seeing the professional photos of the big newspapers. Often the year-end "photos of the year" collections contain some amazing pictures, the kind I could only dream of taking.

The New York Times website has a collection "The Year in Pictures." What a depressing selection! If you woke up from a coma today and looked first at the NY Times year in pictures as a guide to what happened in 2004, you'd probably clock yourself over the head and return to the peace of your unconsciousness.

What is especially depressing is the "War in Iraq" section. Starting from the opening photo of the collection, you...ahem...get the picture. Each one of the photos shows devastation, blood, death, pain, and fear. War is a terrible thing. These photos illustrate it. But what about the rest of what is going on? The efforts to open new schools and hospitals? The goodwill soccer games between Marines and local Iraqis? The soldiers helping kids?

To balance your perspective, please check out these two photoblogs from Iraq: Cigars in the Sand and Matt Sherman's blog. The writers of these blogs each work as civilians in the civic and political reconstruction aspect of our mission in Iraq. The Iraqis in these photos are trying to pave the way for a positive, peaceful future for their country. Remember this side of the story, both in terms of the Iraqis who risk their lives every day to secure their country and our civilian workers who are helping them bring that goal about.

Unlike the New York Times' portrayal of the "War in Iraq," the story is more than just bullets and bombs.


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