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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blogging Brownout

This Friday, I am settling on a new home in Wilmington, DE. This means two things: 1) this blog will soon have a new dateline, and 2) there will be a brief blogging intermission as I move in and set up new service. Bye-bye dial-up, hello DSL! Benefits include new material on which to write, more photos, and other added bonuses. For instance, the move should allow some of the hair I pulled out while screaming at my slow connection to grow back. (Honestly, who wants reads posts by an ugly blogger?) As I gleefully salivate over ditching dial-up forever and moving back to DSL, I anticipate posting more pictures in the future. I'm certain you can't wait to see all about Delaware's biggest city.

On the minus side, there probably won't be as many exciting pictures of flooding of biblical proportions in my backyard.

In the meantime, it's time we started learning a little more about the First State.

Delaware's Official Website.
Visiting Delaware.
The News Journal.
University of Delaware.
Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball (Single A - Boston Red Sox).
DuPont, Delaware's largest employer.
Delaware Court of Chancery, the country's foremost authority on corporate law.
Punkin Chunkin Championships!


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