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Sunday, April 24, 2005

It's Just Not Worth It

Defying a judge's orders when serving on a jury is not smart. Just ask the woman in this article. She bought a couple newspapers for $0.74 after the judge ordered the jury to refrain from watching or reading the news during the trial. Those newspapers may now cost her several thousand dollars.

Exact figures were not available yesterday, but Robert L. Marsh, the court administrator, was under judge's orders to break down the cost of securing the jury. That alone cost $900. The jurors who were selected for the trial were paid $30 a day. Then there's the cost of the interpreters who attended the trial at a cost of $6 an hour over five days.

Marsh said it appears that Heaster also will be required to pay defense costs, which lawyers estimate at $25,000. Prosecutors say more bills from their office could follow, including lodging expenses incurred by the victim's five relatives who flew from Mexico City to attend the trial.



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