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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mission Accomplished?

The Madrid train bombing a a while back was used by al Qaeda to induce voters in Spain to reject their prime minister as elections approached, because the prime minister of Spain at the time was a supporter of the war in Iraq and had a couple thousand troops committed to the war. The massacre, indeed, led to the electoral loss of the prime minister, and the new prime minister, Socialist party leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, immediately withdrew Spain's troops from Iraq. Supporters of al Qaeda and opponents of U.S. President George Bush hailed this terrorist act as a great victory for al Qaeda.

But was it?

If Islamists are truly committed to imposing a pure form of their religion on the world, and not just taking pleasure in killing innocent people and blowing stuff up, then the election of Zapatero has to be seen as a disaster.

The Vatican, under the new leadership of Pope Benedict XVI, has condemned a Spanish government bill allowing marriage between homosexuals.

The bill, passed by parliament's Socialist-dominated lower house, also allows gay couples to adopt.


Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero took office a year ago making it clear he intended to remove what he called the church's undeniable advantages and make Spain a secular state.

There are likely to be further tensions with Pope Benedict XVI. Mr Zapatero has made it clear that he intends to streamline divorce law and even to relax the conditions placed on abortion.

Seems to me that, with democracy becoming increasingly popular in the Muslim world by virtue of our successes in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Madrid bombing was an unmitigated failure for the Islamic cause. These legislative actions and intentions by the Spanish aren't exactly in accordance with the tenets of Islam. Good work, morons.


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