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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Curse Envy

The Red Sox play the Cubs this week at Wrigley Field (wish I was still in the old neighborhood!). Sox Nation and Cubs Nation used to argue over who was more cursed. Billy Goats, Bambinos, Buckners and Bartmans. The story lines made these teams two of the most rabidly followed in the game. Prior to last year, the Sox hadn't won a World Series since they beat the Cubs in 1918. The Cubs are still waiting for their first championship since 1908, the longest drought in baseball rapidly approaching 100 years.

Today's New York Times has one of the best quotes I've read on how Cubs fans view Sox fans now that one's curse is reversed while the other's remains in full effect:

"Watching the Red Sox win was a very weird experience," said Jim Belushi, an actor and a lifelong Cubs fan. "It was like having a neighbor win the lottery. At first you're really happy for them because it couldn't happen to a better guy. And then you realize that he'll move into a bigger house in another neighborhood and you never had anything in common with him in the first place and he was really a big jerk. I mean, the Red Sox' celebrity mascot is Ben Affleck. Doesn't that tell you enough?"

In summary, Go Cubs!


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