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Monday, May 16, 2005

Excellent Article On Voting Behavior

This is a fabulous piece on why "poor, working class" Red Staters often vote Republican, even though they are "voting against their economic self interest." I have long said that people in these states do vote in their best economic interests: they are self-made people who want the government not to give them more handouts, but the freedom to make a buck on their own, keep it, and use it for something that they know they need, rather than something the government thinks they need.

"Drive through any of these states, and there are a thousand little barber shops along any highway of any length. There are garages and auto body shops, landscapers, cabinet makers. These aren't fools who don't know how to synchronize their interests with their politics. They're people making a rational call on how to improve their lives. They don't want to be given a handout. They want you to get out of the way. "

Read the whole thing.


Blogger Birkel said...

Thomas Sowell has also tackled the substance, or lack thereof, of this issue.

But it's simpler than that. Liberals must by their very nature construct a world view that established their own self-declared moral superiority. Assuming that voters in Red States are stupid, bigotted or some other negative thing means that Dems don't have to take responsibility for losing elections. After all, their moral superiority remains in tact that way and they sleep well at night. In the minority but well rested.

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