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Monday, March 14, 2005

Column of the Day

Today's finest news column comes from a hero of mine, Norman Chad (aka the Couch Slouch and formerly known as "The Man.") When I was in high school, his Friday NFL prognostication column in the Washington Post was my favorite of the week. Now, after a hiatus, he writes a general sports and media column Mondays in the Post.

The Man is a graduate of the finest university in the country, the University of Maryland. Today, he takes aim at one of my favorite targets: the Duke Blue Devils.

Duke gets all the calls.

(If Martha Stewart had played for Duke, she wouldn't have done jail time, she would've been second team all-ACC.)

And don't get me started on the Duke student body. I have a message for those spoiled, arrogant Cameron Crazies: You all might get the better jobs -- yeah, like Daddy didn't help -- but me and my buddies get the better used stereo equipment.

Sure, I'm just a University of Maryland graduate -- Class of '81, without honors -- with a double major in American studies and parking tickets. [...]

Anyway, here is a list of schools I'd select for the NCAA tournament before Duke: Cal Poly-SLO, Colorado School of Mines, Culinary Institute of America, Faber College, Bristol University, School of Hard Knocks, McDonald's Hamburger University.

He's still a genius. Read the whole thing, entitled "Down With Duke."


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