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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Terps Lose - ACC Basketblog Preview

The reign ended quickly for last year's ACC Champion Terps at MCI Center in DC. PLease check out the ACC Basketblog for continuing reports from the scene and news from the around the league. My column will be up tomorrow morning. A preview:

Maryland lost to Clemson for the third time this season Thursday afternoon. That sounds shocking. But it isn't.

Before I go on with this column, let me start by apologizing to my readers. I hate hype. No, I despise it. Because of this disdain, I feel like I'm pretty good at seeing through it. Maryland's tournament chances this season, from the get-go, were pure hype. And I contributed to it. For that reason, I apologize.

Initially, I wrote the column hyperlinked above in February trying to convince myself to stick with my gut instinct, that this Terps team could not deliver the goods. But by the time I finished it, I wrestled with my conscience and decided that, as bad as I thought the Terps were, there was no way they could lose to Clemson twice (much less three times!) and to Virginia Tech to end the season. I overrode my tingling Spidey sense and wrote a column that seems, well, overly optimistic in retrospect.

Part of the reason is this: in reacting to some of my columns, emails, and comments, members of this website tried to pick me up when I was down and said I needed to believe in my team more, or have "hope." I thought, well maybe I am letting my fears of disaster color my objectivity. I have a history of that. I am a DC area sports fan, after all. So I gave in. But consider this: Ed, Colin, and Birkel are graduates or fans of UNC, UNC, and Duke. As a friend of mine said to me today: "UNC [or Duke] fans saying you need to stay positive is the equivalent of a friend who has a super hot girlfriend and says looks are not everything." Is that ever the truth!

For the rest of my column, please check the ACC Basketblog!

[PS: Thanks to Matty D for the UNC quote.]


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