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Monday, March 07, 2005

Weekend in Chicago

I flew back to Chicago over the weekend to visit my fiance. It was strange to be back visiting, rather than residing. The first thing that struck me was on the night approach seeing the grid pattern that is Chicago from the plane. One interesting thing about the city from above is the ability to see the city limits by looking at the brightness of the lights. Inside Chicago, the lights glow a bright orange. Outside, they are much dimmer, but still generally in a grid.

The other very apparent thing about Chicago is the convenience of everything. That is not the case here in Elkton. Within a two block radius of my fiance's Lincoln Park apartment is everything you need for everything you could want. I definitely miss that. I don't have a block here. If I wanted catfish (which I don't), I could catch some in the Big Elk Creek. Otherwise, nothing is within walking distance.

I'll be back in Chicago again next weekend. We're hoping to get tickets to the Big Ten Tournament and attend the South Side St. Patrick's Day Parade. Chicago, with its large Irish population, is known for it's St. Patrick's Day celebrations. I've heard great things, but we'll have to see if it beats St. Patty's Day in New Orleans.Posted by Hello


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