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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Arafat Declared "Brain Dead"

That's news? But seriously...

Yassar Arafat is reportedly dead...somewhat.

It's important to reflect on the last 30 years we've had the displeasure of knowing this creep, and thinking about what we just avoided on November 2 with respect to individuals of his ilk.

Somehow, Yassar Arafat has spent the last 30 or so years bombing, strafing, and assassinating his way to international acceptance. A terrorist if there ever was one, he won the Nobel Prize for peace(!) during the Clinton administration as part of his "efforts" towards bringing a resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian question. Good show, total failure. Arafat and the PLO and it's various formulations and allies are responsible for the deaths of hundreds and possibly thousands of Europeans, Jews, and Americans, not to mention, derivatively, his own Palestinian people. Keep that in mind as you read below.

European and Clintonian treatment of Arafat is a history of coddling and appeasement for the eventual end of a Palestinian nation bereft of basic services, security, commerce, and hope. European countries continue to bankroll his political party, really just a front for terror, even though Arafat has skimmed millions from the aid intended for the Palestinian people into his own secret bank accounts. Despite not having had a real job for much of the last 30 years, Arafat enjoys incredible wealth...the type that could get him the best medical treatment in a Paris hospital while the average Palestinian is left without competent medical care of the least degree. Like an African warlord, Arafat has stolen at the expense of those who need it, immeasurable amounts of aid to add black ink his various bank statements. Yet, the Europeans still insist that he is the man to negotiate with and support monetarily if the Israeli/Palestinian issue is ever to be solved. Career terrorist Arafat is the protagonist in their view of Middle East politics.

During the Clinton Administration, Yassar Arafat was the president's #1 most invited "foreign leader" to the White House. Clinton's machinations ended up convincing those intellectual heavyweights at Nobel to award him a peace prize. Arafat didn't let the prize go to his head. By the end of the 1990's, he had renounced a favorable compromise for a Palestinian state and reauthorized the latest intifada which has destroyed Palestine, poisoned Middle Eastern politics further, and has resulted in a culture of death that glorifies the fiery suicide deaths of teenaged boys and girls alike. This "man of peace" is also complicit in approximately 30 years of terror worldwide that has resulted in the deaths of many American soldiers and civilians. Yet the Democrats decry George Bush's attempts to discredit, weaken, and isolate him, preferring instead to criticize the Israeli people who have suffered heavily during the last four years of Arafat-condoned suicide attacks aimed almost exclusively at civilians.

Palestine is destroyed and thousands of civilians have died due to his policies both Arab and Jew alike. Arafat is directly responsible, yet praised in intellectual circles of Europe and the Democratic party. If you want John Kerry's proposed "Global Test" in microcosm, Arafat was it. In the body of this man, at least, the Global Test is a terrific failure. Negotiations, monetary support, and world-wide recognition were not enough to change a terrorist into a butterfly. He has been protected, legitimized, and supported while committing attrocities. This proves the falsity of the belief that negotiations and aid alone can cure the world of its ills. Since military action was forgone, we have had to wait 30+ years for the only thing that could save the world from this blood-soaked lunatic: the natural cycle of life and death.

I hope Arafat likes warm temperatures and eternal pain, because that's what he's in for. He has a lot of atoning to do. I have a feeling there are 72 demons somewhere sharpening their pitchforks in breathless anticipation of his arrival...

UPDATE: On a less serious note, "Excuse me while I go pass out sweets."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...despite not having a real job for the past 30 years, Arafat enjoys considerable wealth..." Sort of reminds me of Jesse Jackson!

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