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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Today's View From the Unemployment Line

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday.

This mighty flag on the top of Federal Hill in Baltimore flew at half staff on September 14, 2001. I remember the eerie, desolate, airplane-free skies on the day I took this photo. I remember grim-faced police officers in paramilitary outfits demanding that I stop taking photos in certain spots downtown. I remember the strange feelings of both purpose and mourning I felt during those days.

And now three years later and with the war on terror only just begun, I still get angry seeing pictures like these of our national symbol taking this knee after suffering a body blow from the viscious fanatics who wish death and destruction on our citizens and way of life. I do not want to see our national symbol falter before terrorists again. For that reason, I urge you to cast your vote for George W. Bush.Posted by Hello


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