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Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Redskins Rule

The Redskins lost today, which is supposed to predict that the incumbent president, George Bush, will lose the election on Tuesday. 17 straight elections, the Redskins last home game has "predicted" such results: Redskins win, incumbent wins; Redskins lose, challenger (here, John Kerry) wins.

The Redskins were down most of the game, but regained life after a couple of late Brett Favre interceptions got the Skins back within striking distance. Down 20-14 and with less than three minutes to play, the Skins scored what could have been the game winning TD, only to have it called back by a penalty for an illegal shift. On the next play, the Packers intercepted a Redskins' pass over the middle, and the game was essentially over.

I wonder if the touchdown overturned by the penalty flag for a ticky-tack infraction is a metaphor for Kerry's inevitable perfect storm of lawsuits after the returns show Bush winning on Tuesday at the close of the polls? Let's hope the refs keep that flag (lawsuits) in their pockets and let the players (candidates) determine the outcome on the field.


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