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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Way It Used to Be

Did you think I could go a whole week without commenting on the Maryland football debacle at Clemson over the weekend?

This is Terps football the way I remember it. All the snotty Maryland students who were treated to bowl games and double-digit win seasons the last three years (not to mention national and ACC hoops championships) finally get to feel what it's really like to be a Maryland fan. In general, it's rather painful. Losing is expected. Winning is a nice, fleeting surprise. Choking is definitely the name of the game. Now they too have to go through about thirteen links to finally get to the Maryland game summary rather than being able to look it up with ease as a "Top 25" score.

Last weekend, the Terps lost to a Clemson team that scored a TD with less than a minute remaining to win 10-7. The defense did their job. But what about that hideous offense?

Let's start with the positive. Three weeks ago, the Terps had 81 yards of total offense. Two weeks ago, 91 yards total offense and three points. Last weekend, the Terps ran up 194 yards on offense and scored 7 whole points. We're improving, baby!

Now back to the negative. First, Maryland has only once been within 10 points of current #5 Florida State since the Seminoles joined the ACC. Wake Forest lost by three last weekend. Don't even dream that the same is possible from Maryland. FSU is our daddy.

Maryland (3-4, 2-3) has lost all 14 of its meetings with Florida State, including 12 since the Seminoles joined the conference.

Second, Joe "I Wish I Had the 'Talent' of Mike Mardesich" Statham is still our starting QB. Statham threw for 14-31-118-2 last weekend, the second INT sealing the Terps' fate at the end of the game. This your national 95th ranked QB, folks (the scary thing is that to this point, the Terps' strength of schedule is 90th). He's also fine at rallying the troops behind him:

"Really, there's no where we could go but up," quarterback Joel Statham said. "It can't get any worse than it is right now."

That's the guy you want as your QB. What a positive attitude. But when you threw 7 INT's and fumbled 10 times in your first four games, went 6-11-18 in a game, and are presiding over a three game losing streak characterized by utter offensive futility, well maybe you'd think the same way.

Unfortunately, FSU is coming town. It's going to get worse, young Jedi. I remember a game in 1998 when Maryland's starting offense was held to negative second half yardage while FSU scored on each possession. And FSU was using it's second and third string QB's to do it. Maryland's defense is too good to allow that to happen this year, but the offense could match that negative yardage milestone with Statham at the helm. Wouldn't that be something?

Maryland still won't get within 10 points of FSU. I give the 'Noles a 20-0 win. Now that you have been forewarned, anybody want my extra tickets?


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