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Friday, October 22, 2004

Hype Watch

I haven't done one of these in a while. But here is one of the biggest overstatements I have heard yet in this campaign. There are many statements a person can make over the course of a campaign that may cause voters to think twice on Election Day. Kerry's comment about Dick Cheney's daughter during the last debate being one. Another example is the sum effect the slew of misstatements Bush has "misarticulated" since he came to office has had on the President's perceived intelligence. Keeping that in mind, this seems like pure hyperbole to me:

JOHN KERRY, in his grand effort to be all things to all people, has spent the last few weeks trying to convince people that he, too, is a sports junkie, a hardcore Red Sox fan, and devotee of the NFL. His missteps, such as lauding "Lambert Field" during a visit to Wisconsin in August, may prove catastrophic come November 2. This particular blunder spurred the Football Fans For Truth to action, and may be, to some extent, responsible for Wisconsin's seeming transition from blue to red-these people take their football very seriously. [emphasis added]

Come on. Please tell me voters aren't that shallow. There are plenty of other more important issues to vote on.


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