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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Today's View from the Unemployment Line: Lawyering the Outdoors Edition

A while back I had read about a state park just south of Chicago called "Starved Rock." Since the trees are currently strutting their autumnal stuff, I thought I would make the trek down and see what the buzz was all about before I missed the show.

Last night I consulted my guidebook to get a better idea what the park was like. I remembered reading somewhere that the views were pretty stunning, and the rock formations awe-inspiring. Not too far into this book's review, I came across this alarming tidbit:

You'll cover a dozen canyons carved out of porous St. Peter sandstone hiking back from the park's visitors center to Kaskaskia Canyon and back. I think a lawyer designed these trails; you'll encounter handrails and stairs in parts.

Boy, was this writer correct. Not only where there stairs and rails, but boardwalks and signs galore telling you all about the things the hiker is not permitted to do. The park wouldn't want anyone to get hurt of course, but isn't that just assumption of the risk when you're talking about the outdoors? Not in today's overlawyered climate. Even nature has been tamed by some pointy-headed know-it-all.

Below is a little photo-journal of my hike today. Enjoy if you dare. There may be a park rule against that. Posted by Hello


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