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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Today's View from the Unemployment Line

We actually got rain yesterday. About an inch, at that. But the overnight/early morning rain yielded to another spectacular day of sun and temps in the mid-70's. It's not so bad in Chicago after all. (Note: please return to this site in January and I'm sure we'll revisit the weather topic.)

For the next couple of weeks, I'll temporarily be back at work, so I don't expect to have too much time to post much here. I'll do my best and have my camera ready. I hope to be immersed in work for the next eight days so I can take a break from the election coverage as we slide in the muck toward Election Day. On November 3, for better or for worse, we can finally get back to being Americans, rather than potential voters. That is, provided those meddling lawyers don't get involved again.

"You have a very close election," said [David] Boies, author of a new book, "Courting Justice," which devotes three chapters to his work on the historic recount fight. "You have an election that will probably come down again to Florida. You have an election where you have a partisan secretary of state making decisions that at minimum favor one party over the other party consistently. You've got armies of lawyers poised to do battle for their candidate."

As usual, politicians and lawyers care only what is best for themselves, not for our country.

Whoever wins, it's going to be a nasty next four years. Hopefully, someone in one or both of the parties exercises some judgment and leads our our national politicians out of the cesspool they're currently wallowing in and returns some sanity and grace to politics.

Unlikely, but I can dream. Posted by Hello


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