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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Write Your Senator

Below is my letter to my Senator, Joe Biden, regarding Kelo. I advise you to write one, too.

Dear Senator Biden,

I am not one normally to write letters to my politicians, but the
Kelo decision handed down by the Supreme Court today has spurred me to do so. I have recently lived in a number of cities in this country whose confiscatory practices, whether through takings, taxes, or penalties, have caused me to leave those cities without remorse. Having recently moved to Wilmington, DE, I find that this city, in terms of its wanton tax increases and penalties is no different than anywhere else.

Now Kelo.

When are our elected representatives going to stand up and call for an end to the confiscation of property from private citizens for simple purpose of generating more revenues for the state or federal treasuries? The taking of one's home for so-called just compensation (who are we really kidding here) in order to hand the property to just another soulless Walmart, Home Depot, or [name your shopping or residential complex here] cannot be tolerated.

I ask that you take the initiative on this, and call for legislation that strengthens home- and property owners' rights in the face of government confiscation. There is no right more fundamental to this country than the right to property, particularly real property. If you are serious about a run for president, here is your issue. Have the guts to stand up to this outrageous encroachment of government power. And let your stand not be symbolic, but be substantive. This is an issue of incredible importance to every citizen who has or one day dreams of owning that piece of land to call their own.

Don't fail us on this one.


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