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Friday, June 17, 2005

Classic Rock

One big difference between Chicago and Wilmington, attributable to the close proximity to Philadelphia, is the choice in radio stations. Here, between 93.3 and 94.7 FM, there are four rock stations. Each plays some mix of new and classic rock, but lean heavily towards the classics. In Chicago, there were a couple stations devoted mainly to new stuff, or early 90's to today formats. Here, there's an extreme bias towards classic (aka redneck) rock.

This phenomenon reminds me of the brief period time in the late 90's when I lived in Panama City, FL. PC is derided (correctly) by many as the Redneck Riviera. Keeping with the theme, the local rock stations played nothing but Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, and Metallica. Even when the jocks were just talking, usually the dark rhythms of one of these bands could be heard in the background. The only reason I kept listening was for the occasional Guns 'n' Roses song, which I still consider to be a treat. Otherwise, those stations were unlistenable. How many times would I have to hear "Enter Sandman," "Love In An Elevator," or "Stairway to Heaven" before I tossed myself into the surf as shark bait?

Well, here we are again. This is no joke: I drive 15 minutes two and from bar review class each night and make use of the stations between 93.3 and 94.7., I will hear an AC/DC song during that half hour in the car. It seems like every...single...night. "Big Gun," "For Those About to Rock," "Hells Bells" (a clear favorite), "TNT," "High Voltage"...

Then again, this explains why when I try to access the official website of the City of Philadelphia, I keep getting sent to this page.


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