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Monday, February 28, 2005

A Sunday Drive, Part I

I took a short drive on Sunday south of Elkton to see what the state of Maryland has to offer on its Eastern Shore. Lots of farms and quaint little towns were the order of the day. I have split this photo essay into a couple parts, because dial-up is killing me. I must learn patience. I hope you enjoy it!

Chestertown, Maryland is one of the many character-laden small towns on Maryland's Eastern Shore with water access to the Chesapeake Bay. Surrounded by little more than farmland, this oasis is a portal into the early era of our country. Home to Washington College, claimant to the title of "First College Chartered in the New Nation - 1782", there is plenty to see for those wanting to gaze on a slice of life in the late 18th century. And I'm sure the fishing and crabbing are quite nice, too! Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fellow Elktonite. I pity your misfortune at having moved here... and you might not see it as such yet. Entertaining read, though.

8:01 PM  
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