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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm Back!

Here it is, my first post from Elkton, Maryland. The move went great. With the exception of a slight (mistaken) detour into Michigan and some dicey weather on both ends, the trip went off without a hitch. On the Chicago side, packing the truck was a little treacherous, mostly due to the foot of snow on the ground and how that made the back stairs to my apartment and the inside of the truck slick. I fell down the stairs three times. Luckily I survived with only a couple scratches.

On the Elkton end, we ran into some snow/ice/rain as we crossed into Pennsylvania, then through Maryland. It didn't stop here until there were another five inches of snow on the ground. That made getting the U-Haul truck out of the driveway an adventure. The driveway is so long, it's actually a street. And from the house, a good portion of it is uphill. It took a couple tries to get it up hill, but I succeeded. Than I had my fiance block the road with my car while I gunned the truck the rest of the way out of the driveway. Nobody got hurt, so it was a fun time!

Elkton is no Chicago, that's for sure. Neither is Wilmington, DE. Unfotunately, I have only dial-up internet access at the moment, so I am not sure how often I will have the patience to post a photo. Eventually, when I find a permanent residence, I will get back to full photoblogging. For now, I'll have to describe through words.

So as the fiance's cat sits on my shoulders while I type, I thank you for your patience.


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