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Friday, January 28, 2005

Ready for Fear Factor

OK. I lied. This is my last post from Chicago. But only because this story is so gross, but funny, that I have to share it. My sister is a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. As one might imagine, everyday things we take for granted, like tap water, can sometimes be an adventure over there. Here she is, in her own words:

I haven't really had anything over the past 2 years that has "grossed me out". But last week I finally had an opportunity. It wasnt anything like worms thank God, just in case you were wondering. We have a well at out house and a water pump and a tank. So last Monday the tank went dry so I turned the pump back on to fill up the tank. That night I took a bucket shower and noticed that the water smelled a bit funny. Smelled funny in the bathroom sink too but not so much in the kitchen.

Next day bathroom water smelled a bit worse, and the kitchen water was a bit odorous too. I usually drink the tap water straight but decided to boil it that day.

Next day same thing, but when I boiled the water it still smelled weird. I was too sleepy too really care so I made some hot tea with it anyway.

By Thursday it was getting old that the water was wreaking so bad so me and my roommate decided to finally see if the landlady could do something about it. I asked my officemates for advice but this had never happened to them before. So on Friday morning I hoped that I had taken my last smelly bucket bath and the tank was scheduled to be cleaned later that day. When I got home, the landlady chuckled as she told me in tagalog something about a dead rat in the tank, hahahahaha.

Ugh. I had been bathing in and drinking rotten rat all week. Pretty nasty.

Here's to clean water!


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