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Monday, January 10, 2005

Special Announcement

Dear reader(s),

I started this website in August as a way to give my East Coast friends and family a way to keep up with what's happening with my life here in Chicago, as a bullhorn for my political views in the weeks leading up to the election, and as a way to bore the reader or two I might claim each week on whatever else came to my mind. In other words, I was "passing time in the unemployment line."

Here's the news: I was offered and accepted a new job. This puts a damper on a site dedicated to musings from the world of the jobless. It also so happens that this new position is located in the great state of Delaware. "Delaware?" you say. Yes. I think the Simpsons encapsulated the lure of the state well:

Marge: I can't believe it! We won another contest!
Homer: The Simpsons are going to Delaware!
Lisa: I want to see Wilmington!
Bart: I want to visit a screen door factory!

It is not Chicago, but Chicago is a unique city. Picturesque, clean, and with a heckuva lot of character. I will feel sad to leave.

The important question is, what happens to this website? Well, nothing really. I will continue to post as D-Day (Delaware Day) approaches. And when it does, we might experience a posting lull as I move into my new dwelling and get myself set up. I intend to continue this site, just from a new, perhaps less interesting location. Do not worry, however! I will make it exciting. That is my promise to you, my loyal reader(s).

With the exception of the scenery, the only change you might see to this blog is to the theme. Obviously, getting a job makes it tough to blog about unemployment...that is, unless I want to go the Jayson Blair route. I am not sure what changes I will ultimately make, but they won't change the essence of the blog.

For now, I remain in Chicago and hope to have some good posts up as I get closer to the move.

Soon, however, I will say, "Goodbye Cubs, hello Blue Rocks!"Posted by Hello


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