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Monday, January 10, 2005

Not Exactly a Compliment

I watched ESPN Sportscenter this evening at the gym, where Dan Patrick, Sean Salisbury, and Mike Golic broke down the drubbing Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts put on the Denver Broncos last Sunday. Thankfully, the TV's closed-captioning feature allowed me to follow the conversation. The panel eventually debated how a defense could shut down Manning's offense. In the middle of a highlight showing Peyton Manning lofting yet another TD pass against Denver, the closed-captioner (if I am allowed to call him that) typed this curious phrase:

"He can Terrapin apart any defense."

I am not certain which of the trio said this, but considering the performance of Maryland's football team this season, it is not a compliment.

The Terrapins lost games because their offense was dreadful. The Terps scored 211 fewer points than last season. After scoring 55 points against Duke on Sept. 25, Maryland scored just 56 points the rest of the season.

Even if the statement regarded Maryland basketball, it still is not a compliment.

The Tar Heels (13-1, 2-0) had their highest scoring output ever against the Terrapins (9-3, 1-1), and were two points from matching their biggest margin of victory in the series. It was also the most points Maryland had allowed in any game in the past 14 years.

This obvious typo does Manning a serious disservice.


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