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Monday, January 10, 2005

Today's View From the Unemployment Line

Today I took the opportunity to be lazy and catch up on some badly needed letter writing. One of my sisters is in the Peace Corps serving in the Philippines. She spent a few weeks over the holidays travelling through the mountains of northern Luzon. This region of the archipelago is known for its terraced rice fields. Apparently, the 60 degree nighttime temperatures are brutal for one used to hi temperatures in the 90's year round. By way of comparison, we had a high on New Year's Eve in the low 50's and I saw several people outside in short sleeves and shorts. When you have had a stretch of weather in the single digits and teens, anything above freezing feels pretty darn tropical.

I also took the time to write a long overdue letter to my adopted soldier. Our servicepeople around the world could use a letter or two. Why don't you send them one? I am certain they would appreciate a little reminder of home. Posted by Hello


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