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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Guess I Was Right After All

According to this report, the shooter in the Purdue-Indiana game this weekend did not get the shot off before the buzzer sounded to force overtime. I knew it! Makes me feel good that the old nervous system is still functioning properly as I approach 30 years old.

Purdue's Carl Landry was fouled by an Indiana player as time expired in regulation. The basket went in, was counted, and Landry went to the line for a single free throw to win the game. He missed and Purdue eventually lost in two OT's. Apparently, the ref counted Landry's basket because he reasoned that the foul was on the shot, and the shot dropped, a typical "continuation" basket. However, the rules allow the shot to count only if released with time on the clock. The buzzer clearly sounded (my senses confirmed) before Landry's shot left his hand. Therefore, he should have been given two free throws rather than the basket and one. Since he missed the one free throw, it can be surmised that he probably would have missed one of the two free throws to put the game into OT had the ref made the proper rules interpretation.

Unfortunately, that would have deprived the fans of some pretty exciting hoops action for two more periods. In summary, at least entertainment-wise, good call!


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