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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I asked for the jumbo dog with fries. Judging from my order, Hot Diggity Dog takes pride in putting the "hot" in the dog. In addition to the relish, onions, tomatoes, mustard, and full length pickle wedge, my dog came topped with two jalapeno peppers. Before moving to Chicago, I was a hotdog-with-ketchup-only kind of guy. Who knew that a proper hotdog is smothered Chicago-style?

Judging from the ego wall, over time a variety of minor Chicago celebrities have fed their appetite for a hot diggity dog at this location. I munched on my fries under the glossy stares of nearly a dozen local news personalities, boyish former Chicago Bull B.J. Armstrong (sporting a flattop hairdo, circa 1989), and White Sox legend Moose Skowron. A former playmate of the year wrote that she liked the chef's weiner. Hmmm. Appetite suddenly lost.

Probably the most out of place photo of all was one featuring Jerry Springer. According to a stranger I once met in the original Pizzeria Uno's bar, Springer owns a place in the John Hancock tower. I understand, therefore, that he would be located only a few blocks away. But considering the nature of his TV show, I would expect him to frequent the Weiner's Circle.

So what about the dog? It was very good. Most Chicago dogs will taste similar, since they are smothered in all sorts of toppings. Is it a Camden Yards half-smoke? No. The dogs at Orioles games still rate first on my list. But if you want a Chicago dog in a very Chicago atmosphere, here's a stand that will meet your needs.Posted by Hello


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