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Friday, January 21, 2005

Abraham Lincoln Lied, People Died

Putting Democrats spin in perspective, this piece imagines today's Democrats response to Lincoln's classic second inaugural speech.

The president harped on the "colored slaves." He claimed that "this interest was somehow the cause of the war." But the president well knows that ending slavery was never part of the original justification for fighting this war. It is simply an after-the-fact rationalization, developed after it became clear that we had no plan to defeat the South. Nor can the president honestly claim that the slaves are better off in their current, parlous state than they were prior to the war when they lived in peace and tranquility.

I heard similar sentiments on the radio yesterday from a representative of this looney outfit about how women in Afghanistan were better off under the Taliban because at least then, the United States wasn't blowing them up in hospitals. Huh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're Code Pink! Stop the war! But we better have the freedom to kill babies in our wombs.

10:23 AM  

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