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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Whither Sammy?

The New York Times tackles the anti-Sosa sentiment in Chicago. As the article mentions, the city has been down on Sammy for some time, but with a particular vengeance since the corked bat incident in 2003. It must be something else to come to your workplace and see the front page of every newspaper with your face on it and large font headlines blaring "Cheater!" or "Say It Ain't Sosa!" Everyone in Chicagoland still enjoys his majestic, but increasingly rare, home run blasts. What they don't enjoy are the constant strike outs, GDP's, and abrasive attitude he's shown during the past few months. Cubs fans want to see him go, Sox fans want to see him stay (so they have something to needle the North Siders about). That should tell you something.


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