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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Big Brother in the City of Big Shoulders

No wonder Mayor Daley has decided to raise taxes and confiscate and sell residents' cars. Maybe this is all to fund his new surveillance command post:

Mayor Daley officially opened a new city operations center Tuesday that will include a dramatic increase in camera surveillance on Chicago’s streets. The new addition to the 9-1-1 center will help manage and coordinate in response to emergencies such as a terrorist attack.

The new system will allow emergency workers to receive instant real time video and audio information from 2,000 cameras and microphones stationed around the city. The system won’t be fully operational until spring. “The key to dealing with an emergency is not just having the manpower, it’s having the manpower in the right place at the right time,” Mayor Daley said. [...]

The new system also has the ability to instantly report the sound of gun shots within hearing distance of the microphones planned around the city.

Cameras and microphones? How did this get approved? Where is the ACLU to defend our privacy on this one (oh, probably too busy keeping the Boy Scouts off military bases)? What are the chances that this new snooping ability will be used only for innocent purposes, especially in an administration as corrupt as Daley's has been? How soon before the Mayor turns this venture into some kind of fee generating scheme at the expense of the citizen on the street?


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