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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Weekend Wrap

I was on the road most of the weekend, headed to and from Pennsylvania where the ultimate destination was the Penn State/Purdue football game. The autumn colors were gearing up, and the mountain views were fantastic. Below is a recap of important events while I was gone:

George Bush, John Kerry debate recap.
Mayor Giuliani on Kerry's worldview.

Maryland football:

"Our offense was inept. That was maybe one of the worst offensive performances I've ever been associated with," [Friedgen] said. "It's the worst we played in a long time."

Redskins football:

"It's a miserable situation," Gibbs said. "And it seems like when you make a mistake, it bounces right into somebody else's hands. I told my team that I think we're a good football team. We'll see. We've got to find a way to make some of those things go our way."

Wilbon on the Skins:

They've settled into a pattern already, these Redskins. It's not all bad because their defense is as good as anybody's in the NFL, capable of pitching a shutout. But ooooooh, that sorry, no-account offense is as impotent as the defense is imposing, one of the worst in the NFL. As a result, a whole lot of head knocking, sound tackling and pass intercepting is going completely to waste in a season that has now dropped to 1-4.


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