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Monday, October 04, 2004

Told You So

So-called #6 West Virginia lost on Saturday 19-13 at Virginia Tech.

Here is what is ridiculous. The title of the linked to article is "Va. Tech wrecks West Virginia's national title hopes." Read down a little bit and you get this gem:

The Mountaineers (4-1) might have been starting to think about going undefeated, because all their remaining opponents are unranked.

So you're telling me that a team could be considered a national championship contender if it goes undefeated in a season in which the only ranked team it played was Maryland at #20? That's insane. Especially if a team like Florida State wins out and lost only its season opening game, by a field goal, to #4 Miami. Now #16 WVU did nothing to deserve its earlier ranking. It should have lost to Maryland. I still think it might lose to a Big East team (VTech was in the Big East til this season, but I stick by my earlier prediction). At least the charade is finally over.


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