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Friday, October 01, 2004

Today's View from the Unemployment Line

Is God a Cubs fan? Possibly. If the Cubs are Job. Today the Cubs' season essentially ended. Losing 5-4 after a stirring, but ultimately inadequate, 3-run comeback in the bottom of ninth.

It is tough to beat a curse. 96 years have come and gone since the Cubs' last world championship. That is a long time folks. I asked the question about God because today's ninth inning played out like a Hollywood version of Divine Intervention.

Despite a strong wind blowing out to left, the Cubs had a single run as the top of the ninth yielded to the bottom. A light drizzle had begun to fall (can you believe that!), and the Cubs' playoff hopes seemed doomed. All of a sudden, as the Cubs made their last appearance at the plate, the sun came out! As the sun shone brilliantly through the clouds, the rally began. One, then another, then three runs! Was God watching over the Cubbies?

Perhaps, but he was just checking in, it seems. Maybe He was just giving them a push, some encouragement. Nearly the moment the sun went back behind the clouds, the Cubs recorded their last out and the game ended. Likely, too, did the Cubs' dreams of October glory.Posted by Hello


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