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Monday, October 18, 2004

Offense Free Zone

What better place to watch two of the worst teams in the NFL (Redskins and Bears) than probably the two worst seats at the new Soldier Field? To add insult to the injury of our sorry seats were the two steel bars (visible below) obscuring our Proletariat view in favor of supporting the luxury boxes of the Bourgeoisie fat cats above. Give us a break!

Skins looked awful on offense as usual. The D was outstanding, however. Props to Redskins defense coach Gregg Williams.

Focusing on the offense, two things were apparent from our seats high above the field. 1) Clinton Portis must be the worst short yardage back in the league. On any second or third down with two yards or less to go, he was stuffed. Didn't have a chance. Yet they continue to rush him in those situations. Why? Because of 2), in any third down situation where the Skins passed, Mark Brunell would hold onto the ball for much too long (I don't believe for a second that Laveranues Coles or Rod Gardner are not getting open), scramble and chuck it out of bounds. Or they pre-design a rollout (or what I call a preemptive scramble) which would force Brunell to throw an incompletion on the run. Ordinarily, that would be a pass a someone's feet, or naturally, out of bounds.

How little confidence does Redskins coach Joe Gibbs have in this offense? With the ball on their own 30 and 2:30 left to play in the first half, Gibbs decided to protect a 10-0 lead by calling a series of running plays, rather than playing for a late-half field goal. Absolutely pathetic. Luckily, the Bears offense was worse.

We may be happy with a win, but the offense is still MIA, and the D can't hold every team without a TD.

Redskins 13, Bears 10.Posted by Hello


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