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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How Bad is John Kerry as a Candidate?

From the Chicago Tribune:

"To many blacks, Bush is the boogeyman," said [Ron] Walters, the University of Maryland political scientist. "Blacks know that this is the most important election of their lifetime, not because of Kerry but because of the mess Bush has made."

But there's a problem:

While polls show that African-Americans nationwide favor Kerry over Bush 8-1, many blacks are not enthusiastic about the Democratic candidate and do not believe he has adequately addressed issues most important to them, such as jobs, education and health care.

Polls also show that blacks overwhelmingly oppose the war in Iraq and believe they have been hurt by Bush's economic policies, but for the most part their support for Kerry is driven by an extreme dislike for Bush.

"Al Gore got 98 percent of the black vote in Philadelphia in 2000, but he was riding on Clinton's back," said Henry, 75. "The problem with Kerry is that he doesn't have charisma, and people are not that excited about the election.

"The black Democratic base is getting old and dying and can't deliver the numbers the Democrats need to win," he said. "We've got to get young people involved, but they don't always vote and when they do, they don't always vote Democratic. From what I've seen so far, if the election were held today, Bush would win."

So this article is saying: 1) it's the most important election in every black's lifetime, 2) black's are against the war, and 3) Bush hasn't done enough to address their issues. Sounds like a homerun for any competent Democratic candidate. But not Sen. John F. Kerry. He can't seem to motivate the black vote. Is it because he is a rich, white New Englander who isn't credible at pandering for their vote? Could it be that he has spent too much time at his Italian villa or snowboarding and windsurfing at exclusive resorts?

PS: Do you also detect the usual subtle liberal racism in the charge that not important issues, but charisma, would bring out black voters?


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