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Monday, October 18, 2004

The Inconvenience of 9/11

For anyone who thinks massive Islamic terrorism is a phenomenon bred of President Bush's foreign policy, please consult the back pages of your favorite newspaper for the last couple of decades and see how this has been happening all along, but because it happened "over there," wasn't deemed newsworthy:

For those who have had the fortune, or misfortune to be acquainted with Ramallah or Basilan, 9/11, the Madrid bombing and Beslan are different only in degree to the low-level atrocities which the Western Press never stooped to notice and which, if it has its way, it can soon bury again. September 11 had the unpleasant effect of forcing them to cover what many pretended did not exist and the days since then have been an infinite trial, a bother and a wearisome task; a cross unwillingly borne by those whose calling is to higher things, like staged United Nations fetes and spectacularly elegant diplomatic events. Possibly the only reason why Darfur, in the Sudan is not wholly forgotten in the name of political correctness is it's connection to September 11. The principal Liberal objection to the overthrow of Saddam is not that Saddam wasn't killing his own by the million; it was that President Bush had "unfairly" wired him to First World politics.


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