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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Yankees Suck!

Never has the world's greatest and most widely used chant been as apt as after last night's game. I think the smile on my face right now is at its biggest since Joe Gibbs announced his return to the Redskins. If only this had occurred in October. Disaster? Whatever. More like hilarious.

Of course, that punk Derek Jeter couldn't take the heat and left the game for a pinch hitter after only two at bats. Then he left the clubhouse afterwards without talking to reporters. He probably had to go home to his boyfriend and cry. I'm just saying...

Click here if you want to own this game forever! Save it for those times you're feeling low.


PS: I'm sorry, I wanted this blog to be a little classier, but come on! The Yankees lost 22-0. It doesn't happen everyday!

(Thanks to BigEastinDC for the pointer.)


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