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Monday, August 30, 2004

Countdown to Football Season!

I probably don't need to mention that this Saturday night, at 6pm ET, the Maryland Terrapins open their football season against the Huskies of Northern Illinois. Those of us Terps with long memories (standard) will recall last season's shocking season opening loss in OT to NIU in the suburbs of Chicago. I choose to believe that that memory will be replaced with the happier memory of crushing NIU at Byrd Stadium this Saturday night.

So let the countdown hype begin! Maryland is ranked either #22 or #21 depending upon whom you believe. But the Terps' biggest question is at QB, so it will be tough to believe the rankings until we've seen the team play on the field.

Today's WaPo has an article about how Maryland respects NIU after last season's opening loss in IL. Feel free to skip past the opening two paragraphs that ruin an otherwise insightful article with an annoying reference to the Yankees, the cryingest team in baseball. The article is definitely material for the Terps' lockerroom as one NIU player, coach, or broadcaster after another brags about beating MD last year. I was personally the beneficiary of several pity drinks after last year's game, being the sole Maryland fan at Hi-Tops in a small pond of NIU loyalists. They were nice enough to rub it in by buying me drinks, but even though I'm unemployed now, I'd take a Terps win over a free Miller Lite any day.

I am confident that you, as I, have faith in the Fridge. Although we have started 0-2 the last two seasons, ruining any chance to defeat Oklahoma for the national championship, October 30 versus Florida State will be our first real test. Don't believe the West Virginia as #10 or #11 hype. Need I remind you that 1) Maryland beat them twice last year, including the Gator Bowl, by the combined score of 75-14, and four times over the last three seasons by a combined 155-51; and 2) WVU plays in the Big East.

So let the football season begin! Lord knows that yesterday's windy-66 degree and falling game-time temp at Wrigley felt like October. Stay here for more Terps countdown hoopla as the week goes on!

An in a final bit of ACC Football 2004 hype, please see this website for a most important preview.


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Your unnecessary shot at the Big East has cost you a reader!

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