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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Republican National Convention

In case you were watching the pointless pre-season football game and missed them, I highly recommend seeing both John McCain's and Rudolph Giuliani's speeches from last night's RNC. Although the scene was rather militaristic for most of the night, McCain and Giuliani did a great job of describing where we've been under President Bush, and where we need to be 5-10-20 years down the road.

McCain's speech is level-headed and speaks to our responsibilities around the world to make it safer for all people. Giuliani outlines in layman's terms, better the president has yet himself, our reasons for being in Iraq. The true goal is to create "free and accountable governments" throughout the Middle East. This is a scenario they have not known during our lifetimes and one that the people of the region deserve and our national security demands. And I, personally, am glad that someone, George Bush, has taken the initiative to create the conditions that will give those people the chance to be free and develop governments that will attend to the peoples' wills.

Hopefully in the coming days Arnold and the other speakers will tell us what the Republicans intend to do domestically. Stay tuned, if your local stations allow it.


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