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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Is This the Best We Have?

Terps routed Duke University's high school football team today 55-21. Maryland QB Joe Statham threw for 366 yds and 4 TD's. Great turn around from last week, huh?

Not so fast:

For the second consecutive game, Statham was intercepted three times, and he also was charged with three fumbles. That gives him seven interceptions and eight fumbles in four games for the Terrapins (3-1, 1-0 Atlantic Coast Conference), who bounced back from an overtime loss to West Virginia last week.

The three other QB's Maryland put in the game were 3-3 passing. I know that is not exactly a valid scientific sample, but I think Statham might have dropped the ball once or twice in the same stretch. Is this the best we have? Three picks and three fumbles will not get the Terps within sniffing distance of beating FSU. And after seeing him shake like a leaf during the WVU game, wait 'til he sees what the Seminoles can bring on the pass rush. Could be a long season, folks.


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