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Graduate of University of Maryland School of Law; University of Maryland, College Park (Economics/Political Science).

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Over a year has passed since the bank told me to empty my desk and hit the street. During the ensuing time, I worked a few temporary positions before packing my bags for the move from Chicago to Wilmington, DE. I even got married and took another flippin' bar exam during the same period. A lot has happened in 12 months.

All of these changes have rendered the name of my website obsolete. Not only am I now permanently employed (at least until the bar exam results come back), but I am doing quite well. No longer in the unemployment line, the title of this website has become meaningless. So I am going to change it. I'm also thinking about changing the weblink, as a consequence.

So say goodbye to "Casualty of Capitalism" and hello to "Attorney in the Del." Next weekend I will change my web address to Just a heads up to my reader(s). See you at the new address!

UPDATE: Whoops, supplied the wrong web address. It should be