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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Here We Go Loop-de-Loop

I drove a loop today from Elkton through Baltimore, to Annapolis, across the Bay Bridge, then back north up 301 into Middletown, DE, then back to Elkton.

My sampling of the weather from hither to yon yeilded rather uniform results: chilly, windy, and rainy. I took the picture below at Sandy Point State Park east of Annapolis and in the shadow of the Bay Bridge. With the exception of some hard core surf fishermen, today was not a day most were taking advantage of the scene (or maybe it had something to do with the $3 fee to enter this rather diminutive park). For the duration of my brief stay on the beach, I felt like a newscaster providing hurricane coverage as the rain flew sideways with the feel of BBs, and the wind blew everything over that wasn't firmly rooted to the ground.

Such is the forecast for the weekend. All that toil during the week for this?Posted by Hello


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