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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Must Read

Contrary to what you may have read (or not been aware of due to lack of reporting) in media reports, there are some real heroes getting it done every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. This after action report from Iraq is something else. You will find that the lead slinging heroes are not exactly what you would picture in your head.

They arrived on the scene just as a squad of about ten enemy had moved forward across the farmer's field and were about 20 meters from the road. The MP squad opened fire with .50 cal machineguns and Mk19 grenade launchers and drove across the front of the enemy's kill zone, between the enemy and the trucks, drawing fire off of the tractor trailers.

The MP's crossed the kill zone and then turned up an access road at a right angle to the ASR and next to the field full of enemy fighters. The three vehicles, carrying nine MPs and one medic, stopped in a line on the dirt access road and flanked the enemy positions with plunging fire from the .50 cal and the SAW machinegun (Squad Automatic Weapon). In front of them, was a line of seven sedans, with all their doors and trunk lids open, the getaway cars and the lone two story house off on their left.

Read the whole thing. (Courtesy of Blackfive.)


Blogger Birkel said...

A couple of comments:

First, the guys and gals in the story you linked are truly amazing. Did you see this one? It's pretty darned cool too.

Second, if you put something politically-oriented and original together that you think is pretty good let me know. I'm Internet-friendly with several medium-to-large poli-bloggers who can push you up and into the blogosphere. (if that's what you want)

I'm more than willing to pimp for you.


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