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Monday, January 24, 2005

Today's View From the Unemployment Line

Although not Boston, we did have a foot or more of snow here in Chicago. Between the main storm and the subsequent lake effect squalls, getting around town has been a lot of fun. It took about a half hour to dig my fiance's car out of the fluffy foot-plus of snow last night. Upon our return to her apartment, we faced the tougher dilemma of parking her car in her designated (unplowed) alley parking spot. After helplessly spinning our wheels and burning some rubber on our first attempt, we moved to a different line of approach. Rocking the car back and forth finally resulted in breaking through the mini wall of snow that blocked our path from her spot. Though doing anything is just a little tougher, at least snow adds a little spice to mundane, everyday tasks.

FYI to my reader(s), posting will probably be light through Thursday as I continue to pack my belongings for the move from Chicago to Elkton, Maryland. On Thursday, I will sign off indefinitely while I get myself situated in a new location and with my soon-to-be employer. I hope to return to posting by the middle of February, if not earlier. I am sure the anticipation of reading about Wilmington, Delaware is killing you. For now, I will post as I can and continue to carry the camera around town. Thank you for your patience.Posted by Hello


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