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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Today's View From the Unemployment Line

I spent the weekend in Milwaukee, WI to attend a wedding. Milwaukee may very well be a nice town, but in the brief time I was there, I cannot say there was anything that particularly distinguished it from anywhere else. Obviously, it's on Lake Michigan, so I am sure there are some interesting lakeside things to do when the weather a little warmer. But at this time of year, the place just seemed brown and bleak.

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the weekend was my unsuccessful quest to buy a Milwaukee's Best beer in Milwaukee! Beast was the cheap beer of choice for my poor college roommates and me at University of Maryland. In general, I cannot stand the stuff. I had a little too much of it to drink one night in college, and swore it off forever. A mere taste causes me to gag. But this weekend, I figured, when in Milwaukee...!

My first attempt at the Friday rehearsal dinner was met by the waitress with rolled eyes and the advice that I might "be able to find one at any liquor store." I replied that "I would expect to be able to buy a Milwaukee's Best anywhere in Milwaukee if it is, in fact, Milwaukee's Best." Again, I got the rolled eyes, and so upgraded my order significantly to a Guinness.

The second attempt was at the hotel bar prior to the wedding reception. Upon asking, the bartender pointed out that the bar was called "Miller Time" and that they only sold Miller products. The bar memorialized this mantra on a posted sign that said, "This is the only Bud we serve here" above a photograph of former Milwaukee Brewers owner, and current commissioner of baseball, Bud Selig.

I was disappointed to leave Milwaukee without chugging at least one Beast, college-style. Highly disappointed, indeed. Posted by Hello


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