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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Morning Quote Board

Tony Blair on pre-war intelligence:

''I take full responsibility and apologize for any information given in good faith that has subsequently turned out to be wrong,'' Blair told the House of Commons, in a stormy session dominated by the war.

''What I do not in any way accept is that there was any deception of anyone. I will not apologize for removing Saddam Hussein. I will not apologize for the conflict. I believe it was right then, is right now and essential for the wider security of that region and world.

''I cannot bring myself to say that I misrepresented the evidence, since I do not accept that I did.'' on the discovery of another mass grave in Iraq:

"Unlike bodies that you've seen in many mass graves -- they look like cordwood -- all lined up," he said. "That didn't happen here. These bodies were just pushed in."

The first trench contains the remains of women and children, and the second contains the remains of men only. More than 100 bodies have been found from the first location and a similar number from the other.

Many of the victims wore multiple layers of clothing and carried small personal items like jewelry and medication. One child was found with a ball in his hand.

The women -- four or five of whom were pregnant -- and children appear to have been killed with a single small caliber gunshot to the head.

Human rights groups believe about 300,000 people were killed during Saddam's 24-year rule, which ended when U.S.-led forces toppled his regime in 2003.


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