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Friday, May 20, 2005


Powerline posts about the most absurd and confusing reason to keep the filibuster:

But the ultimate folly, pointed out by Dafydd ab Hugh, was committed by the Congressional Black Caucus, which engaged in one of the weirdest bits of logical jujitsu I've seen in a long time:

Restricting the ability of Democrats to block final votes on several of
Bush's most controversial nominees "would be particularly offensive to people of
color," members of the Congressional Black Caucus wrote Majority Leader Bill
Frist during the day. "All of the major legislation that today bars racial
discrimination in voting, employment and housing was passed after filibusters"
were broken, it said.

Dafydd writes:

Work with me on this... it would be "offensive to people of color" to break
the filibuster -- because "all of the major legislation that today bars racial
discrimination" was filibustered?
Did I miss a class?

It would be hard to think of a public issue that has caused as many bad arguments to be made as the debate over the filibuster, but this one is in a class by itself.


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