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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Elkton Ghost

Tonight there was an eerie full moon in Elkton. The house I live in is built on the foundation of a building on a fort complex that saw battle in the War of 1812. During law school I used to study here in order to get away from the bustle and distractions in Baltimore. A couple of nights I had some rather...interesting experiences while sleeping in the house. Did a tormented soul meet his untimely end in what is now my basement? Did he need his story told? While recording in the house a couple years ago, a musician brother of mine was inspired to write a song called "Dead Man." Since then, the ghost has not returned.

When I was a kid I loved ghost stories. I was probably one of the few fourth graders reading Poe. But what would I do if I came face to face with a walking spirit? Considering the evening sky, I wonder...will it be tonight?? Posted by Hello


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